The company’s history began many years ago when the founder, Evgeniy

Pustovalov, long-admired the fine precision, craftsmanship, and brand

recognition of the world’s finest watches. He wondered if he could create and sell an affordable yet high quality and luxury watch. Evgeniy especially dreamed to incorporate the features of a fine watch for a specific customer in mind – those who “owned their lives.” So, in 2018, in a modest home office in Clearwater, Florida, Evgeniy started to design the Pustovalov Owner Series watches.

Pustovalov watches are designed specifically for those who own their lives, who march towards their goals, and who make their lives and the world better. Inspired by these people, Evgeniy observed, “Because of those who ask the impossible of themselves, progress in the universe is made. Those are the ones who need support the most and I express my support of them by capturing their goals and dreams into my watches.”

Our Mission and Philosophy

Our company’s mission is to unite those who own their lives and move towards their goals by providing them with high-quality watches and accessories.

Our venture is not only about wrist watches. It is about our philosophy and that is about those people who strive for their goals no matter the challenges. They make their lives and the world around them better.

If you believe in yourself and other people, then there is no reason not to achieve your goals and work towards the world’s prosperity. The future starts today. And today is created by you, by those who own their life.

We want our wrist watches to be a reminder that every day is about who you really are. We expect our watches will help you to stay on course.