The Company’s history began in 2018 when the Pustovalov brand founder, Evgeniy Pustovalov, made a decision to start designing and manufacturing wrist watches. All Pustovalov watches belong to the Owner Series. They are designed specifically for those who own their lives, who march forward towards their goals, who make their lives and the world better. The brand’s founder was inspired by these people for creating his concept. He said: “Because of those who ask the impossible of themselves and the world, the progress in the universe is being made. Those people are the ones who need support the most. I express my support for those people and put a reminder of their goals and dreams into my wrist watches.”


Our company’s main goal is to unite those who own their lives and move towards their goals by providing them with high-quality watches and accessories. 

We achieve our goal by making aesthetically appealing wrist watches of the highest quality and providing them to those who own their lives all over the world.  

In our understanding life owners are those who are committed to their goals and independent of public opinion. 

Our motto is: There is no reason not to achieve your goals.

Our project isn’t about wrist watches only. It’s about people who strive for their goals no matter what. They make their lives and the world around them better.

Ask an Olympic medalist what it is like to outrun their contender for a split second. Ask a businessman emerging from crisis what it is like to keep the business with many jobs. Ask an inventor what it is like to conduct thousands of tests before they eventually bring results. Ask a doctor what it is like to save lives everyday. Ask a person who has a goal, what it is like to pursue it. 

It is very likely with your support our project will save lives. Someone is in pain because they either haven’t found or have already lost their life goal. Someone might have gone the wrong way. 

If you believe in yourself and other people, then there is no reason not to achieve your goals and work towards the world’s prosperity. The future starts today. And today is created by you, by those who own their life. 

We want our wrist watches to be a symbol reminding you every day about who you really are. You are the owner of your own life who strive for their goal. We hope this symbol will help you to stay on the course.


OWNER Series is created for those who own their lives and move forward to their goals. It doesn’t matter which career level this person is at right now. They might be in the very beginning of their career or they might already be successful businessmen or public figures, who fully perform their mission in life. The thing all the successful and goal-oriented people have in common is that they own and control their life. Our watches are created for them.

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Clearwater, Florida, USA